Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip 2020 Rank Wise Monthly Pay Scale Navik, GD, Yantrik

Indian Coast Guard Salary/Pay Slip 2020: Indian Coast Guard (ICG) is a non-military armed force proposed by the Indian Navy and which was formed on 18th August 1978 by the Coast Guard Act of 1978 of the Parliament of India and is recognized as an independent Armed force of India.

This armed force with 15, 714 active personnel and increasing with 175 vessels, 44 aircraft operates under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India protects maritime interests of India and enforces maritime law over territorial waters of India.

Since its establishment the Indian Coast Guard has been closely coordinating and cooperating with Indian Navy, the Department of Fisheries, Customs department and with different central and state police forces during numerous operations.

Check complete Indian Coast Guard salary of ICG Yantrik, Navik, also ICG salary after 7th pay commission which has been brought to you based on the official information obtained from the official website of Indian Coast Guard.

Indian Coast Guard attracts a number of youngsters who wish to sail out in the ocean and serve their country as ICG servicemen. Many dreams of becoming armed force personnel and for the Indian Coast Guard provides the perfect opportunity.

Aspirants who have been waiting to apply for the ICG recruitment must be wondering about the Indian Coast Guard monthly salary package, so do not worry because the organization offers a handsome salary structure.

However, the salary structure does depend upon the post of an individual, so to know more about Indian Coast Guard pay scale, grade pay, allowances, etc go through the following contents.In this article, you will find every detail related to Indian Coast Guard Officers, Yantrik, Navik GD, Navik DB salary structure including Indian Coast Guard 7th pay commission salary as proposed by the Government of India.


Indian Coast Guard Pay Scale & Grade Pay:

Pay Scale: Every Indian Coast Guard servicemen are provided with a monthly salary package based on the pay scale proposed for each post or rank of the organization. Other than the ranks the pay scale is also affected by the contributions of an individual.

Hence, each cadre or designation such as ICG Officers, Yantrik Navik GD, and Navik DB come under a particular pay scale category.

Grade Pay: The monthly salary of Indian Coast Guard personnel also includes the grade pay offered by the Government on the basis of the category. Similarly, the Indian Coast Guard grade pay does depend upon the post of an individual.

Therefore, the ICG grade pay for each post or rank under each department is different which has been mentioned below. All Payslip and salary slip details are available on this website.

Indian Coast Guard Officer Salary:

The Indian Coast Guard servicemen who are designated in the officer ranks are the in charge of their fleets. The primary responsibility of ICG officers is to ensure that their fleet carries on the routine functions.

Generally, the primary duty of an ICG officer is to take command of their fleet, pass orders to the other department to perform daily routine patrols, during missions such as rescue missions, to coordinate with various government departments such as the Customs, Indian Navy, etc.

Among the Indian Coast Guard designations, the monthly salary for the officer ranks is the highest in comparison to Yantrik, Navik. Those who wish to know the actual Indian Coast Guard Officers salary may check the following details.

Post NameSalaryGrade Pay
Director GeneralRs. 37400-67000 Rs 12000/-
Inspector GeneralRs. 37400-67000 Rs 10000/-
Deputy Inspector GeneralRs. 37400-67000 Rs 8900/-
CommandantRs. 37400-67000 Rs 8700/-
Commandant (Junior Grade)Rs. 15600-39100Rs 7600/-
Deputy CommandantRs. 15600-39100Rs 6600/-
Assistant CommandantRs. 15600-39100Rs 5400/-

Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Salary:

Among various cadres of Indian Coast Guard, the ICG Yantrik cadre is a technical group of personnel who are entrusted with technical responsibilities which include port maintenance aircraft repairing, etc.

Therefore, the ICG Yantrik job demands can be challenging since it involves some of the most sophisticated machinery and technologies. However, for their hardship and service, the ICG offers Yantrik personnel with a monthly salary package.

ICG Yantrik salary scale does vary depending upon the ranks of the individuals, so here is how the pay scale has been proposed for this cadre of Indian Coast Guard.

DesignationPay ScaleGrade Pay
YantrikRs. 5,200-20,200Rs. 2400
Uttam YantrikRs. 5,200-20,200Rs. 2800
Pradhan YantrikRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4200
Sahayak EngineerRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4200
Uttam Sahayak EngineerRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4600
Pradhan Sahayak EngineerRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4800

Indian Coast Guard Navik GD Salary:

Many individuals are recruited by Indian Coast Guard to fill the vacant position in ICG Navik General Duty cadre which certainly is an integral unit or department of Indian Coast Guard.

The ICG Navik GD servicemen are mainly oriented with the general duty of a sailor such as maintaining the ship, sailing, volunteering in different missions during a state of emergency, etc. in simple words the ICG Navik GD job requirement is hectic and difficult.

However, keeping aside the vigorous duty Navik GD personnel are offered with attractive monthly pay which of course does vary according to the ranks or post since there are different designations within the ICG Navik General Duty cadre as enlisted below along with the monthly salary.

DesignationPay ScaleGrade Pay
NavikRs. 5,200-20,200Rs. 2000
Uttam NavikRs. 5,200-20,200Rs. 2400
Pradhan NavikRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 2800
AdhikariRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4200
Uttam AdhikariRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4600
Pradhan AdhikariRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4800

Indian Coast Guard Navik DB Salary:

The ICG Navik Domestic Branch is yet another cadre of the ICG Navik cadre that invited a number of the youngster when the number of vacancies is available for the accommodation of new recruits.

Indian Coast Guard Navik DB duties are different than compared to ICG Navik GD, in fact, youngsters who are recruited as ICG Navik DB personnel are responsible for preparing daily food for the sailors.

Basically, for domestic branch individuals are recruited for the position of a cook, steward, etc. For their duties and efforts, the ICG does offer reasonable monthly salary depending upon the ranks as mentioned below.

DesignationPay ScaleGrade Pay
NavikRs. 5,200-20,200Rs. 1900
Uttam NavikRs. 5,200-20,200Rs. 2000
Pradhan NavikRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 2400
AdhikariRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4200
Uttam AdhikariRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4600
Pradhan AdhikariRs. 9,300-34,800Rs. 4800

Indian Coast Guard Salary After 7th Pay Commission:

There has been a regular debate on the implication of the 7th pay commission for every government services and most importantly for defense services. Since Indian Coast Guard is considered one of the integral independent armed forces the 7th CPC has been proposed.

However, the Indian Coast Guard personnel are yet to receive their salaries under the 7th CPC, but sooner or later servicemen will be provided with four times their current salaries once the 7th pay commission has been implied officially.

So, to know more about Indian Coast Guard salary after 7th CPC stay tuned for further notifications which shall be provided for each post of ICG and until then go through the following ICG salary chart.

Indian Coast Guard Perks and Allowances:

The Indian Coast Guard perks and allowances are provided to every service personnel recruited as ICG Yantrik, Navik ( GD and DB), as additional benefits for them and their families in return of their unparallel service to the nation.

In terms of the perks and allowances, every individual of specific designation is entitled to similar benefits. Therefore, like the salaries, the allowances do not vary depending upon the post or rank of the personnel.

Hence, once an individual has been recruited by the Indian Coast Guard for any post then after commission the recruit will be provided with the following ICG perks apart from their monthly salary.

  • House Rent Allowances.
  • Transport Allowances.
  • Dearness Allowances.
  • Leave Allowances (Up to 45 days).
  • Daily Allowances.
  • GPF Services.
  • Loan Facilities.
  • Canteen Facilities.

Visit the official website for more details about the Indian Coast Guard and ICG Salary Slip/Payslip related details.

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