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The Hinduja Global Solutions payslip can be download from the HGS ESS portal. So, at www.hgsbs.com make sure to complete your HGS login procedure to get your payslips online.

The HGS payslips provided to the employees is a valuable piece of document. It concerns the salary particulars of the month. In fact, for each salary payment, your employer will issue respective payslips.

So, when you are paid your employer then uploads the payslips as the record of the payment. However, once your employer updates the payslips you can access it at the HGS IESS portal.

Now, the payslips not only confirm the payment of your salary rather it gives you much-needed details. The details regarding your salary payment including your tax payment details and more.

Here are the list of details that you can check on your HGS employee payslips:

  • Salary payment date and time.
  • Income tax, GPF, PF payment details.
  • Gross amount received.
  • Gross amount deducted.
  • Personal details including work calendar.

HGS Payslip Online Download Steps

As per the norms just because your payslips are provided by the HGS IESS portal does not mean you can simply view your payslips. There are certain guidelines set by the system which must be followed by every individual.

Now, then if you want to access your HGS payslip through the HGS Employee Self Service portal then follow the instructions illustrated below.

STEP 1. Every HGS login must be carried out at the HGS Employee Self-Service portal. So, here is the web address of the portal, you can click here www.hgsbs.com.

STEP 2. On the homepage of HGS Portal click on the EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE.


STEP 3. The HGS Login portal will then open in a new tab. You need to go to that tab and enter your COMPANY CODE, USER ID & PASSWORD.

HGS Payslip

STEP 4. Once you have entered all necessary details click on LOG IN.

STEP 5. Then view the HGS ESS Portal here click on SALARY SLIPS.

STEP 6. Finally, now you can view HGS payslips of your desired pay period.


HGS Login Forgot Password Reset Steps

In this section, we will help you get acquainted with the HGS forgotten password recovery process. The HGS IESS portal itself gives you the option of getting a new password if you cannot remember your password.

However, there are certain details that you should provide. Details such as your Company Code, User id (employee number), etc.

STEP 1. Well, you already know that said that you can reset the password online. And to be the process you first need to be at the official HGS ESS portal. Here, just click on this link www.hgsbs.com.

STEP 2. At the homepage select EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE.


STEP 3. A new tab opens and goes to that tab. First, enter your COMPANY CODE and then click on the FORGOT PASSWORD.

HGS Payslip

STEP 4. On the next page enter all required details like Compony Code, USER ID, Email Address, DOB, Security Question & Answer.

HGS Login


STEP 6. Then you will receive a password on your email.


You might want to take a look at the following contents which certainly provide you some useful insight. The following contents cover information regarding how to download HGS payslip online, HGS ESS mobile app, how to check previous HGS employee salary slips, etc.

Question 1. What is the process for HGS Payslips Online Download?

ANS: The process of download your HGS salary slip is pretty simple and easy. First of all, you have to log in and then view the payslips on your screen. When your payslips are displayed on your screen you will have two options SAVE (DOWNLOAD) Or PRINT.

Therefore, you can select either of these options as per your preference. So click save to download pdf or print to get print a copy of the salary slip.

Question 2. Where do I check your old HGS payslip online?

ANS: You can check your old payslips online at the HGS Employee Self Service portal or rather your account. But initially, you have to log in and once you have access to your payslips you can check your previous payslips.

At your account, after you click on Salary Slips, you can then select the month and year according to your requirement.

Question 3. How do I get my Company Code & Login ID?

ANS: Well in order to get the Company code you need to contact your respective HR. AS per the Login Id is concerned the user-id happens to be your Employee Id or Employee number. In case you forget your Login id you can check it on your previous payslips.

Question 4. How can I download the HGS payslip mobile app?

ANS: You can download the HGS ESS payslip mobile application from your respective application provider. So, if you want to check your HGS payslips on your mobile then you first need to download the application.

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About HGS Portal

The HGS or Hinduja Global Solutions is a key component of the multi-billion dollar Hinduja Group. The HGS is a business process management (BPM) organization. The headquarter is located in Bangalore.

The Hinduja Group was founded in 1993 and was know as Ashok Leyland Information Technology. However, the Hinduja Global Solutions was founded in the year 2000 after it merged with Hinduja Finance Corporation.

From 2007 to 2015 the HGS expanded in North America, the UK, and in numerous Indian cities such as Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Indore, etc. Since it is a public limited company, the HGS is also listed on the National Stock Exchange of India limited and in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Hinduja Global Solutions serves in 7 different countries with 72 delivery centers and with a total strength of more than 42, 190 employees. Mr. Remi Hinduja is the Chairman and Partha De Sarkar the CEO of HGS.

Among its various services the HGS offers Payroll and HR management services, which allows them you provide online salary slips to the employees. Therefore, to know about the HGS employee payslips in detail check out the following sections.