BSF Pay Slip 2020 Check BSF Monthly Payslip, Salary Slip

Visit website to download BSF Payslip, Monthly Salary Slip, Pay Scale, GPF & BSF Pay Slip Statement details online. The Border Security Force (BSF) is one of the Central Armed Forces of India that functions under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the government of India which was raised in 1965.

However, if you are not aware of the process to follow in order to download your BSF monthly payslip then make sure to act based on the information that has been provided to ensure interested individuals are able to avail themselves.

Download BSF Monthly Payslip Online from How To Check My [email protected] Payslip, BSF Pay Slip Login details. If you wish to check your BSF salary, pay scale grade pay, basic pay, online login, and BSF app download process then all you need to be is visit the official website of Border Security Force

Every year a number of individuals are recruited by the Border Security Force through official recruitment which only increases the strength of the organization. In return for their service, the BSF offers an attractive salary, and to keep a record of the monthly salary transaction the BSF payslip has been introduced.

With this article, we are hoping to provide necessary information to thousands of BSF personnel regarding the BSF Salary Structure 2020, BSF ranks wise payslip online login details, Border Security Force salary in India per month, and more.

BSF Pay Slip 2020 Online Login

In order to maintain such security, the BSF requires dependable and brave individuals ready to put their life in the line for the safety of their nation. Such individuals are acquired by the BSF through the BSF recruitment program.

Every year several BSF recruitments help the BSF to recruit a new batch of aspirants who are then dispatched to various locations for their respective duties. In return for their service, such aspirants are provided with a basic monthly payment every month.

Hence, in this article we are going to provide you with necessary information related to BSF payslip pdf, BSF Monthly pay slip in one click, online login and steps to reset BSF salary slip password. Also, you will get my BSF mobile app download process so that you are able to keep details of the BSF salary transaction of every month.

Step 1. You need to visit the official portal of BSF (

Step 2. Look at the topmost right corner of the homepage. There will be a Login option click on that option.

Step 3. Now the official BSF online login portal will open.

Step 4. Enter your Username or Your IRLA or Regt Number.

Step 5. Then enter your Password and the Captcha code.

Step 6. To complete your login click on the Login option.

Step 7. Now you are in your profile dashboard, click on the month-wise salary and download your payslip.

Direct Login: Click Here

Download BSF Payslip 2020 Monthly Salary Slip In One Click

Before we provide you the necessary steps to help you check your [email protected] payslip pdf, we would like to be sure that every individual thoroughly understands the core significance of the monthly BSF Pay & GPF.

Basically, the monthly payslip is the detailed information related to the monthly transaction of BSF service personnel which intends to provide salary transactions along with income tax, PF, etc, deductions.

Therefore, in case a BSF service personnel has a concern regarding his/her monthly salary details then it is the monthly BSF payslip which that individual must download to get rid of his/her concern.

So, every month when the monthly salary of an individual has been provided the required income tax, PF, insurance installment, loan installment (If any), is deducted from the basic salary of an individual which will be mentioned in the monthly payslip.

Hence, in order to check or download your respective BSF pay slip pdf from, you will need the following.

  1. BSF id number or Login id.
  2. Personal password.
  3. Access to the internet.

Download Pay Slip In One Click

BSF Pay and GPF Download Steps

The BSF payslip online login service is available exclusively for those individuals who have registered themselves with the website and have successfully created their personal [email protected] payslip account or profile.

Once an individual has been recruited by the Border Security Force (BSF) is entitled to be provided with monthly salary along with other perks and allowances in return of their service.

In subject to the BSF monthly salary, new recruits of BSF are also provided with the BSF pay scale service which allows the service personnel to regularly check their monthly salary, income tax, etc, transactions.

Therefore, if you are currently serving under the Border Security Force than the following instructions are going to be necessary to complete your BSF monthly payslip online login process.

  1. Visit, the official website of the Border Security Force (
  2. At the homepage click on {PAY & GPF/CPF option.
  3.  A new page will open in a new tab.
  4. Go to that new page and look for the log in option at the topmost right corner.
  5. Now click on the Login option.
  6. Enter your Username / IRLA Or Regiment Number.
  7. Then provide your Password.
  8. Also, enter the Captcha code,
  9. Now click on the  Login option.
  10. Your BSF payslip account should open.
  11. To download your payslip click on the download option.
  12. Click on the Print icon to print out a copy of your monthly pay slip bsf.
BSF Pay Slip
BSF Pay Slip

Click Here To Login In Your Profile to Check Payslip

How To Reset BSF Login Password?

By now concerned readers must be aware of the fact that the BSF username, password are mandatory requirements that allows them to check their monthly BSF payslip.

Thus if a BSF personnel was unable to provide the correct username or password would certainly deny access to his/her personal bsf pay and gpf account, in other words without a correct username and password BSF login would be barred.

In terms of the BSF login username which basically is the IRLA or the regimental number of the personnel is easier to retrieve but in case of an incorrect password, certain steps must be taken to rest or retrieve your BSF Pay Structure online download password.

  • Visit the BSF login page (
  • At the page look for the Forgot password option just at the side of the Login option.
  • Click on the Forgot Password.
  • On the next page enter your username, date of birth and date of Appointment.
  • Then click on the Submit option.
  • Now you should provide your active mobile number or email address.
  • A link will be provided to reset your password.
  • In some cases, an OTP is sent which has to be validated before creating a new BSF account password.
BSF Payslip
BSF Payslip


My BSF Mobile App Download

Other than checking your monthly BSF salary slip through the official website of Border Security Force (, there are certain mobile applications that also serves the same purpose.

Now there are several BSF salary slip app available for the mobile version which allows individuals to check their BSF monthly payslip in one click whenever necessary but without access to high-speed internet services, such apps would be inconvenient.

For all those individuals who are in search of better BSF app download can avail themselves with the following instruction that can assist them to acquire the best my BSF app online.

  • Android mobile users can go to their Play store.
  • In the search bar type BSF pay app.
  • Several BSF app will be listed.
  • Go through my BSF apps and the reviews.
  • Install the most recommended BSF mobile app for Android.

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BSF Rank Wise Salary Slip, Monthly Salary Structure, Grade Pay 2020

Like in every Armed Forces of India the monthly salary in Border Security Forces varies according to the designation or the rank of personnel. Simply put the highest-ranked personnel is offered with the highest salary.

The monthly salary in the hand of every BSF personnel includes their basic pay and grade pay which is offered on the basis of the designation of the individual. Below we have the official basic pay and grade pay provided for each rank of BSF.

In the chart below we have mentioned the complete BSF Salary details for each rank in the descending order or from highest rank to the lowest ranks. So enjoy the following details.

RankApprox SalaryPay ScaleGrade Pay
Director General-apex scale-
Special Director General10500037400 to 6700012000
Additional Director General10500037400 to 6700012000
Inspector General9500037400 to 6700010000
Deputy Inspector General8500037400 to 670008900
Commandant8200037400 to 670008700
Second-in-Command7300015600 to 391007600
Deputy Commandant6500015600 to 391006600
Assistant Commandant5200015600 to 391005400
Subedar Major450009300 to 348004800
Inspector400009300 to 348004600
Sub Inspector350009300 to 348004200
Assistant Sub Inspector310005200 to 202002800
Head Constable270005200 to 202002400
Constable230005200 to 202002000
Enrolled Follower180004500 to 75001300

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About BSF

In terms of the strength of this armed force, the Border Security Force is considered the largest border protection force in the world, ironically this armed forces was raised specifically for guarding the Indian borders as the First line of defense.

Primarily the Border Security Force deals against border infiltration, smuggling, and military assault that occurs throughout the Indian borders which are often unfriendly and unstable.

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  1. How do I find my BSF payslip?
    Visit the official website of the Border security force i.e https // Then search for the log in option on the homepage and click on it. After this enter your username and password. Now enter the captcha code and click on the Login button. Now download your payslip from your BSF profile dashboard.
  2. What is the salary in BSF?
    The average monthly salary ranges from approximately 20200 to 67000 per month according to the rank of the BSF personal.

All personal who want to check bsf pay in one click and My BSF Pay Slip Online Download from the official website, they all need to visit the above-given link for download the payslip or monthly Pay Slip details. Any query regarding your http // pay slip, you can comment here and ask your queries.

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