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TS Pay Slip 2019: Telangana Treasury (TG) department Employee needs to follow these simple steps for check month wise salary, payslip details from the official website (Treasury and IFMIS website). Download TS Treasury Pay Slip and (TG) Telangana Treasury Employee Payslip /Salary Details in PDF Format from (treasury.telangana.gov.in) official website.

Like every other government that runs a particular state the Indian state of Telangana is also governed by the state government which is responsible for the entire administrative functions and is also responsible for maintaining the financial or employee pay details of every government employee in various department.

Such management is supervised by the Directorate of Treasuries Department, Government of Telangana which is an organization that is accountable for every detail related to the TS employee payslip.

Every year when the Government of Telangana recruits a fresh batch of employees the TS payslip has to be maintained by the government in order to discard any future disputes related to the employee salary details.

Therefore the TS treasury monthly payslip is a win-win prospect for the government and the employee who should be able to check their monthly pay details on a regular basis as per their requirement. So further on in this article, there are information related to TS employee payslip, TS gpf, TS employee pay details.

TS Treasury: TS Pay Slip 2019

As part of the Right to Information Act, the employees of the Telangana Treasury department should have the right to acquire monthly salary details with the help of the monthly TS employee payslip which must be provided by the organization.

Each month along with the monthly salary of the employees the organization are required to maintain personal TS pay slip accounts of the employees in order to update the details of the transactions, including other information related to the service.

The TS Treasury salary payslip also consists of the name of the employee, GPF number, employee code number, and the number of working days of the employee, including tax number and such other details that are crucial.

Monthly TS treasury payslip not only helps the employees to maintain proper transaction record of every month but also aids individuals in various aspects of lives such as while applying for new job opportunities.

Employee salary payslip is considered to be an absolute proof of employment, so we suggest every TS Treasury employee must check their TS employee payslip on a regular basis for which they will require the following.

  1. Ts Treasury employee code number.
  2. Your personal bank account number (For IFIMS TS Employee Pay Details).

Download Pay Slip Via IFMIS Official Site: Click Here

View Pay Slip Via TS Treasury Official Site: Click Here

Telangana Treasury: TS Employee Pay Slip Online Download

One of the frequently asked questions related to TS payslip is How to check salary slip online? to those of you who bear this question, we bring you not only the answer but the complete steps that you can follow to download your personal TS treasury payslip.

If you are familiar with the services provided by the internet that half the process is already complete since the only possible method to check or download your payslip can be done or rather has to be done online.

Before we provide you the required steps for TS payslip download we would like to make sure that you have proper access to the internet. So with that being said, we give you the complete process step by step to assist you to download your Telangana Treasury employee salary slip.

  • First, visit the official TS Treasury Portal (www.treasury.telengana.gov.in).
  • At the left side of the homepage look for the Employee Operation option.
  • When you see the Employee Operation option click on it.
  • Among all the options click on the Employee Payslip option.
  • Then the TS Login page will open on your screen.
  • Now enter your Employee code or EMPcode.
  • Also, fill the month and year columns.
  • Then click on the Submit Option.
  • Your TS employee payslip should be displayed.
  • To download simply click on the Download icon.
  • Click on the print option to get a hard copy of your TS Treasury payslip.
TS Treasury
TS Treasury

NOTE: To check your TS employee salary slip of a specific month the same month and year must be entered in the login page or employee salary payslip access page.

TS Employee Pay Slip Details From IFMIS website:

Although individuals employed by the Telangana state Government generally prefer the above-mentioned process to check their monthly TS payslip details, however, interested individuals can access their employee payslip through Integrated Financial Management & Information System or IFMIS for short.

The IFMIS is a government-run system or software that is accountable for maintaining the monthly and yearly salary transactions of government employees of Telangana state.

So, if you are interested to know more about the procedure to follow in order to check your TS employee pay details through IFMIS then avail yourself with the following instructions.

  • Go to the website of IFMIS (www.pdtreasury.telengana.gov.in).
  • Look for the Payslip option at the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Now click on the Payslip option when you see it.
  • Select the search option either by Employee code or Account Number.
  • Enter your respective Employee code or Bank account Number.
  • Then click on the search option.
  • Payslip searched by Employee code will be generated in the next page.
  • To generate Payslip by bank account number verify the following.
  • Your DDO code number, name, service department, and phone number.
  • Now after verification click on the Send OTP option.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered number.
  • Validate your OTP in the next page to generate your TS employee pay details.
TS Employee Pay Slip
TS Employee Pay Slip

TS Employee Online Pay Slip Format (Blueprint)

TS Treasury Salary Slip hold many components and main components of salary slip are earning and deduction. Under Earning and Deduction, many key terms come. Under Earning Section Basic Pay, DA, HRA related terms come. Whereas under deductions there are TSGLI, GIS, PT, CPS terms come. After the final deduction, employee gross salary is generated.

TS Pay Slip
TS Pay Slip

TS Employee can download there TS Pay Slip and TS Treasury Monthly Payslip from the given official website. If you have any query regarding this your payslip, you can comment here and our team will help you. More details about the TS Treasury please visit the official website of the Telangana Treasury.

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